For the past 41 years Sanders & Wohrman has been doing one thing, and doing it better than anyone else in our industry. That one thing is providing our customers with an amazing service.


Whether it is painting a new structure, polishing an existing concrete floor, or waterproofing a leaky parking structure, we provide our customers with a service that is unparalleled. 


That phenomenal service is made possible by the amazing people who make up the Sanders & Wohrman family. We are a family run business who prides ourselves on hiring people who bring with them a passion for providing exceptional service to our customers. From our President to our Foremen, from our Project Managers to our Applicators, we strive to find people who focus on excellence.



If you believe yourself to be one of these remarkable service driven individuals then we want to speak with you.

Sanders & Wohrman provides and fosters an office environment that allows our people to be great. With industry leading benefits and compensation structures we know that our family will continue to attract the best talent out there.


Interest peaked……….?


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